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Colocation we find reliable:

FastServers with data centers located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and in Chicago, Illinois immediately met the above criteria.

Liquid Web with data center in Lansing, Michigan  

Pair Networks - Pair Colo, good as always


Colocation web hosting information

While a customer in case of Dedicated Hosting rents a server and equipment, in case of Colocation the customer owns the server and equipment. The server and equipment are located in the premises of the hosting provider. The customer takes care of all the data and work on the server. Colocation facilities offer customers a secure and reliable place to physically house their hardware and equipment. Setting up and maintaining a colocated server can be a complex task. Dedicated as well as Colocation hosting allows you to host unlimited domains, have complete control of your environment and run your own applications.

If you want to own your own server located in third party premises, if you know everything about internet, servers, different applications and software, if you have time and money, only then you should choose Colocation. It's the most demanding type of hosting which implies that you have overall knowledge of internet technology and it's possibilities. Since your equipment is located in third party premises the most important thing is apparently the security of data center where your servers are located. Talking about security there are several things to consider when deciding about the location. Data center location should offer:

  • reduced risk of natural disasters
  • large supply of clean and stable power
  • direct peers to major network access points and ample reliable bandwidth
  • cooling within the data center facility
  • if possible remote from major airport or metropolitan area
  • high level of security mechanism
  • reduced risk of terrorism threats

Only with these conditions met your servers will be safe.











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