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Free hosting options are not recommended on this site. Why? Because, although free web hosting can be helpful for quickly establishing your web site with no cost, there are significant deficiencies:

  • you can not expect reliability, in other words you are in no control of your site. Your site could just disappear one day and a completely different page would be displayed in a browser when typing in your URL. Don't think this could not happen because unfortunately it does happen. To tell the truth this is perhaps the worst scenario that could occur.Also there are minimal or no chances this to happen when you sign up for hosting with established companies like Geocities, but this example should show you what kind of uncertainty you could be facing if you choose free hosting service. Another aspect of unreliability is that since you paid nothing you're in no position to demand anything if your site is off the net for days. What I want to tell you is that you'll be entitled to demand exactly what you paid for.

  • you can expect slow loading pages and poor performance

  • if there are problems with your site don't expect customer support- there isn't any

  • your site's domain name may be very long and nothing similar to the subject of your site

  • you can expect very few basic features which will limit your possibilities. Shopping carts, CGI-bins, ecommerce are only a distant dream with free hosting services.

  • your site will have advertising banners which may not fit into an overall scheme of your site


Some of these drawbacks may not be produced or may not be displayed so drastically when hosting your site with a particular free hosting provider, but certainly some of the deficiencies stated above will emerge in this shape or another.

So what is the conclusion? Free web hosting is a fast, no-cost option for gaining online presence. There are important setbacks connected with free hosting. Free web hosting is a solution for simple, small web sites that will not grow. Free web hosting is not an option for anybody trying to conduct any kind of online business nor for those web masters trying to have any kind of serious web site on the net.


























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