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As far as Managed Dedicated Server hosting is concerned we find following companies to be trustworthy:

Pair Networks offers fully managed servers. Fully managed server means that all the work maintaining, monitoring, and fixing the server is taken care of by pair Networks. Pair Networks' servers use FreeBSD operating system.

FastServers has developed a unique server management program called DEFCON. You can select between 4 levels of DEFCON. Each DEFCON Level defines the amount of security, support, monitoring, and specialized software that is included with your managed server. This way you're able to tailor managed services to your needs. Both Windows and Linux are available.

Westhost offers fully managed server hosting services with security updates and server monitoring and instant software installation capabilities. Westhost's servers use RED Hat Linux operating system.

Intermedia  Each managed dedicated server from Intermedia is highly-configurable and built to your exact specifications. Just call Intermedia team to discuss your needs. There are two managed plans available: Power managed and Advanced managed. Power managed plan offers increased power for demanding data-driven applications such as enterprise databases, rich multimedia content and audio or video streaming while Advanced offers extremely powerful platform for the highest-traffic sites. With a high-end processor and substantial disk space - with room to expand - it can comfortably host enterprise-class data-driven applications or stream video and audio. A true managed dedicated server.

More info about managed web hosting

Due to the difficulties inherent in operating a Dedicated Server Packages a need for managed hosting solutions has evolved. With this type of web hosting managed hosting provider offers comprehensive and integrated suite of managed services that solve the needs of your businesses mission critical internet applications. You pick the operating system and control panel. You then pick and choose from the managed services that host offers. You are offered sales and engineering staff who possess expertise in the server set-up and administration.

Managed Dedicated Server hosting typically includes server monitoring, server recovery, patches and upgrades, advanced technical support, enhanced security features, Email administration, firewall management, database administration, server backup, hardware maintenance as well as other hi-touch services and overall support to help you design a configuration that is customized to meet the exact needs of your business. The host will take care of repetitive and day-to-day activities ensuring your uptime and security. The customer retains full control of their operating systems and applications.

Managed Hosting is a cost-effective solution for organizations or individuals who want the benefits of a dedicated server but who do not have the time, human resources, or funds to fully manage a server or group of servers themselves. Dedicated servers and managed dedicated web hosting services may prove costly for smaller companies and will involve a high input of time and management.Managed Hosting plans may differ depending on what specific company offers under the term "managed hosting". For this reason it's very important to carefully examine which services and features are included with the specific managed hosting plan.

We'd like to point out that in order for your server to run smoothly and to really enjoy managed services by your hosting provider it's very important that the host offers customer-sensitive support. Not every support is really a support. Many times a customer is left to do the majority of the work himself turning a managed solution into a typical Dedicated Server Hosting.






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