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Pair Networks  There are no setup fees or minimum signup requirements to become a pair Networks Value-Added Reseller. You must, however, be a pair Networks customer before you can become a reseller. This is a trustworthy company indeed which will mean problems-free reseller business once you start reselling.

FastServers Dedicated Server Reseller Program is designed for companies who wish to sell dedicated servers with FastServers.Net acting as a silent partner. This means you'll be able to purchase FastServers.Net servers at a discounted price and then mark them up as you see fit and sell them to your customers. This program is designed for companies who are technically capable of taking a hands on role in the overall administration of servers. You will have the power to offer your own managed services, technical support, billing and sales.

HostRocket.Com reseller plan is one of the most feature rich, lower monthly cost, and larger web storage space plans available. The RocketOrbit plans allow you to resell our server space as your own, so you can create your own packages, pricing, and look. You will have access to the server on an administrative level using the Web Host Manager, a product of Cpanel. This allows you to easily manage your own fleet of clients by assigning them their own accounts under your reseller plan. Each of your customers will have access to their very own control panel.

Westhost Reseller Hosting Plans allow you to purchase a large amount of space and bandwidth and then divide it up for resale with the help of their powerful WestHost Server Manager. You can manage all of your accounts from one interface, allocate software, set limits, view stats, customize alerts, run reports, and more. All the while, WestHost is completely transparent to your clients. 

OneWebHosting.com offers affordable and reliable reseller hosting. For less than $2 per domain per month, you can offer your clients full-featured hosting and email services. They provide all the tools, service and support you need to be successful.

Intermedia offers big discounts (up to 50%) for web hosting resellers. This way you're able to charge your clients full price then keep the difference.

HostGator has one of the most popular reseller plans.

LunarPages's Reseller Program helps you earn recurring profits from your clients.

Information about reseller web hosting

Web Hosting companies may make an arrangement with a reseller. According to this agreement a hosting reseller purchases hosting services from a provider, and then sells these services on to his own customers for a profit.

Reseller arrangements may vary. Here are the three most common reseller arrangements:

  • The affiliate arrangement. This is the most widespread agreement between hosting company and the reseller. The reseller places a link on his web-site or in his email to the host's Web Site and is credited for every visitor that clicks to the hosting company the reseller has signed an agreement with and makes a purchase of some web hosting service. This is a typical affiliate relationship.
  • The reseller sets up his own web-site and resells hosting services as a "sideline". Reseller receives a commission for every completed sale (for example a web-designer who resells hosting services as a "sideline").
  • The reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to his customers for a profit. The certain portion of hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to reseller account. In order to achieve this the reseller may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company or resell shared hosting services. If the latter is the case the reseller is simply given the permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to his own customers without renting a server from a web hosting company he signed for a reseller account with.

This third version of reselling web hosting services is most often referred as a

Professional Reseller Hosting or Business Reseller Hosting

So you're interested in professional Reseller Hosting and want to become a reseller. First you need to find a hosting company that offers reseller hosting. As we said so many times before, the most important thing when deciding on the right web hosting provider is it's reliability. This is especially true with the reseller hosting. The hosting plans you offer as a reseller to your customers, the relationship between you and your customers and your credibility depend very much on the hardware, software, know-how and support of the hosting company you have your reseller account with. We can not stress enough how important for you as a reseller is to have an arrangement with the reliable and proven hosting company which is capable of providing fast and competent support. Your reselling business depends on it.

Another important thing to check is which features are offered within your reseller account: what scripts are available to install, does your account come with domain reseller account, how the billing is solved, what kind of control panel is available. What we want to say, check whether your reseller account is feature rich or not. Please check twice before deciding on the right one.

Cheap reseller web hosting

We often hear questions about cheap reseller hosting accounts. Cheap is always nice but a little advice won't hurt. Business Reseller Hosting is a business indeed and that means you'll be responsible for serving your customers. In providing quality services your business will depend on the services offered by the company you have a reseller arrangement with. For this reason it's absolutely crucial to make a reseller relationship with reliable and trustworthy company if you want your business to be successful. You don't want to find yourself stuck with your customers and the problems without any support.

The Best Web Hosting Reseller program

is the one that is offered by the experienced and trustworthy company which will answer your calls for help when the time comes, the one that will not leave you alone with impatient clients not answering your calls for days.

If you're serious about the reseller web hosting business choose your partner not according to the price of the reseller account but according to it's reliability and credibility. Only this way you'll have less problems and more time and money for yourself. Price may be a bit higher but it pays off. Cheap but proven reseller hosting solution may be HostGator

So you've found the right hosting company and it's time to go into details about your reseller account. As we mentioned before there are two options for you: renting a dedicated server or reselling shared hosting services.

Reselling shared hosting services

means lower initial cost and less responsibility regarding server administration. If you are just starting out and trying to build your customer base this may be an option for you. The cost is lower and most of the server administration is done by the host. This choice may also have some setbacks:

  • the number of domains you may host on a server may be determined by the sole discretion of the host
  • the maximum disk space and bandwidth you sell is determined by the host
  • the number of subdomains is also limited by hosting provider
  • the maximum number of mail accounts may be limited by hosting provider
  • the number of MySQL bases may also be limited by the sole discretion of the host
  • the number of FTP connections is limited

As you can see reselling shared hosting services means less freedom for you in providing your customers with web hosting services and conducting your reselling business. But once again if money is an issue and you're not sure about your server administration skills this may be the way to go.

Renting a dedicated server

requires more technical skills and the cost is higher but offers some advantages: you have your own server space to sell and the freedom to install specific applications your customers need which are not offered as standard applications by the hosting company you have your reseller account with. This way you're able to meet specific needs of your customers and establish yourself as a credible partner in their eyes, needless to say that every business depends on the reliable relationship between customers and suppliers. Renting a dedicated server allows you to be much more independent in running your reseller business but also means more responsibility regarding server administration and increased cost.

Reseller is free to create hosting packages and prices according to what he thinks is the most suitable for him and his customers and to what he thinks will be the most profitable. As far as billing is concerned, most often reseller will be responsible for billing his own customers but different solutions may be agreed on between reseller and the hosting company.

Reselling can be a very profitable business but remember your host must be a reliable and proven company with excellent support. In the end we advise you to always carefully read Terms and conditions of the hosting company you have a reseller account with and also to provide your customers with your own Terms and conditions. This way you'll avoid many problems and misunderstandings allowing your business to run smoothly.







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