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Reseller Web Hosting Info - Support Tips

Support is critical for your reseller web hosting business. If you don’t have a solid support team, you can be overwhelmed rather easily. I have included some tips which will make it a little bit easier to stay on top of your support.

1. Keep a database of the usernames and passwords for your clients that you have resold web space hosting to. WHM helps make this task easier by helping you with this task in your account database. However, you should also have it on your computer as well so that you can pull it up instantly. This includes the usernames and passwords for the following.

* MYSQL Database If One Is Used
* Control Panels
* AlaCart
* ‘Users’ E-Commerce Software’
* MIVA Merchant

2. Make sure that you have a backup of your clients’ accounts on a weekly basis. This can be done on a daily basis if you wish to do so. You shouldn’t ever rely on someone else’s backup system. Protect a possible disaster in offering web space hosting. Utilize your own backup system to be certain the backup is completed on a periodic basis. You never know when the backups will need to be used. Therefore, don’t get caught without a recent one.

3. When you submit a request for support, be sure to keep a copy of these. You will find them useful when providing support to your clients. In a sense, you are creating your very own knowledge base. By doing this, you will be decreasing the web space hosting support turn-around time on these certain situations. Every little bit will help you achieve your overall goals that you have set forth for your business.

By using these tips that I have provided, you will notice that your reseller web space hosting account will be running just as good as a brand new car off the show room floor.




























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