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By Benny

One must be careful when deciding on hosting company. About a year ago I signed up with one hosting provider thinking like what's all that fuss about hosting your site, all I need is a simple site placed on the internet. But it turned out things are not as simple as that! After signing up for their hosting package I haven't heard from them for days. I've been waiting for them to send me a welcome message so I could start using my account. Day after day after day and I became more and more nervous. I sent an Email asking them to explain what the status of my account was but there was no answer. 14 days after signing up I decided to move on and to find another host. I signed up for a new host but then 22 days after signing up with the first host I received a welcome message from them stating my account has been activated and my credit card billed. I contacted them explaining I decided not to have an account with them and asking them for a refund. Needless to say, again I haven't heard from them for days and when I finally got in touch with them they were beating around the bush and more days passed. To make it short, I did get my money back in the end but all the experience with them took so much of my time and health that it made me regret I ever bumped into their hosting offer.




















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