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Shared Hosting, also known as Virtual Hosting means a web site is hosted on a specific server together with other numerous web sites. Each web site has its own Internet domain name but they all share the same IP address.

Shared Hosting is the most basic of web hosting types. The resources of the server are being used by sites other than yours. This means heavy traffic to one site can really hammer the performance of other sites hosted on the same server. Because the host will need to keep a stable environment for all of the clients using the server, you are typically not able to install special software programs. Shared Hosting will do the job for 90% of web masters.Unless you intend to have really high traffic and bandwidth web site or unless you need specific software for specific missions installed what you need is Shared Hosting.When deciding on the Shared Hosting plans we recommend not to choose cheap one. Avoid cheap shared hosting plans and you'll be more than satisfied with the services and possibilities Shared Hosting offers.

However, the fact that you share the server with a great number of other sites will often lead to certain unavoidable problems connected with Shared Hosting, especially if you have high traffic site and you need some specific mission applications. If you want complete control over operating system and software on your server and plan to have high traffic web site and/or developed online business you should choose Dedicated Hosting. If you need dedicated server but you're not sure about your skills regarding software, data, server management you should hire an administrator or try with Managed Web Site Hosting solution. It offers all the benefits of standard Dedicated Hosting but less responsibility.

Shared Web Hosting is the most basic web hosting type and almost all providers offer it. As with any other type of web hosting it's important for your web site to be hosted by a reliable host. Visit the page with the hosting companies we find reliable, establish which provider and its plan suits your web site needs the most and follow the step by step process of signing up which you'll find on the web site of the company you selected.

Clustered Hosting is designed to eliminate the problems inherent with typical shared hosting infrastructures. The benefits of Clustered Hosting technology:

  • Increased Reliability: With Clustered Hosting, your site is not affected by other sites on the same server.

  • Greater Performance: Clustered Hosting provides virtually inexhaustible resources, so you’ll see a higher level of performance and greater computing capacity than when you share these resources and a server may be overloaded with accounts.

  • Added Security: With Clustered Hosting, you control access to your account and your ‘Virtual Domain Environment’ unlike shared hosting, where security risks are inherent.

  • Affordable Prices: Clustered Hosting provides the benefits of a dedicated server, at shared hosting prices.
Concentric Web Site Hosting offers quality Clustered Hosting   In order to find the most suitable hosting plan for your web site we advice you to read the chapters about web hosting issues provided by HostingLair.





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