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Why is it so hard to find tried and true hosting provider? Read important facts you should keep in mind when searching for the affordable hosting.

There are many hosts and every one of them offers 24/7 support, huge space and bandwidth, lots of features at low cost and much, much more. When you face such offers it seems like a great chance is knocking at your door. But here are the facts:

  • Vast majority of hosting providers are in fact resellers. A reseller is just a middleman between you and the real hosting company. Since resellers depend on the company whose plans they resell, they very often don't have neither freedom nor responsibility for dealing with your problems.Your requests and problems are dealt within the extended period of time. The result is that you pay more for the services you get and you're dealing with the "wrong" person all along the way.

  • 27/7 support is extremely rare. Support is often inadequate and hard to get.

  • There are hidden costs with most of the hosts.

  • They all guarantee money back in case you're not satisfied but refunding money can be avoided and prolonged in many ways.

  • They promise huge space and bandwidth because they know most customers don't use as nearly as they signed up with their hosting account. But if you really need an amount of space or bandwidth you thought you were entitled to, there might be a problem.

  • Hosting companies often oversell their servers which results in poor performance, constant setbacks and even in complete server downfall.

  • There are many other issues you won't hear of until your account has already been activated and your credit card billed.

  • There is a jungle out there. With so many "honest" hosts offering everything you only dreamt of coming across, you will probably be disoriented. With so many bandwidths, spaces, CGIs, FTPs, features and all other sorts of information you read about, you'll probably get dazed and confused.

  • Maybe the saddest and the most dangerous fact is that everywhere you look on the internet there are numerous sites which recommend almost the same hosting companies. Be warned of popular top lists of hosting companies and always the same hosting advocacy. The big truth is that most of "top" hosts are recommended to you for one and only reason- they pay to web site owner much more money than other companies. Unfortunately, this way you will never - ever be advised which hosts are actually reliable, safe and true hosting providers but you will certainly be pointed to incompetent, second league hosts which make their way not by providing quality services but by bribing web site owners. As many others have been before, if you act on hosting suggestions from such amoral sites, there is a pretty good chance you will also get involved in burdensome relationship with "best" host.

This list could be much longer - but hey - we don't want to scare you away. Don't worry, the truth is that the more reliable, competent and trustworthy hosting provider is, less you need to know and less responsibility falls on you.

How do we find out which companies are actually upright and proficient hosting providers?

First we learn as much as we can about specific host. Many times we sign up with the host just to experience what it is like to be a customer of that particular company. Unfortunately, we're not able to try every one of them ourselves. For that reason we enquire into experience others have had with the exact host. But the most reliable method we use to determine reliable hosting provider is to detect which hosting company prominent and established web sites are hosted by. This discovered shows you which hosts serious and successful web site owners use over a number of years for their own sites. The facts don't lie. If a distinguished web site has been hosted by a specific provider for years and it's owner is completely satisfied with the hosting services actual host provides that is the clear proof that the host we're talking about is the right one. This way we can detect what matters the most, and that is reliability and competence of the specific host. This host we can trust.

There may be other things one has to bear in mind when deciding on the right host, but remember reliability and competence matter the most. If these two are the characteristics of the host you chose everything else you may encounter once you've signed up will surely be solved having in mind you have your site hosted by the company that is serious and proven in conducting it's business. It is the hardest part - finding the hosting provider you can trust, making your sleep sweet.







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